My worst exprience in Tandoori Nights (Hakuna Matata)

My worst exprience in Tandoori Nights (Hakuna Matata)

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ENGLISH: Please don’t do PARTY in Tandoori Nights (New name: Hakuna Matata, Old name: Saad Kitchen & Pizza One) and Other branch: Golden Bull.

My horrible experience story: As I am your big brother, I went for birthday party in Tandoori Nights, I talked with Prince and booked that restaurant, while talking with me he done a lot of promises with me and also told me he will not gave me a reason to complain at all. As I go their everything is smooth, I was feeling blessed.

Now when I ask for Piko because on called with Prince I mentioned that I need soft drink (Piko) instead of Coke. He denied and later say I forgot to bring Piko and he said only coke is available. I said okay and party is going on, I ask for starter for my friends, he take so much time to provide around 30 minutes and give Pakuda that’s totally dried and hard even very cold like someone kept in refrigerator and also gave Dahi Bhalla/Chaat papdi on that taste like yuck (half boiled potatoes put in very old curd) very bad taste. (Trust me you can’t eat after one bite). I asked him “what is this” he told me “sorry for this but food will be good.”

At night 12, I cut the cake just after that the power is cut, I was amazed there is no backup for power, he told me “wait 5 – 10 minutes”. After waiting more than half an hour he said “its not in my hand” (LIGHT CUT IS ONLY IN TANDOORI NIGHTS). 

My friend ask them to put candles they denied (3 peoples all are completely drunk (not even conscious) again taking time… its almost 1:30 in night and no hope of electricity and  candle. After so much of effort they gave 4-5 candles only.

Now time came for food… He promised me the food will be very nice (I was paying extra money for good food).

First come Shahi Paneer… poured with unboiled water (for your imagination its like a diarrheal Paneer) once you put in your mouth its totally salty, watery and yuck. I will give rating in negative. (-5 out of 5).

Second come Chicken Masala… Here the name is only fancy at all. It is over cooked (Bone and meats are separated), extra masala and also worst taste I ever tasted... When dinner started they put only 10 – 15 pieces when it finished they take 2 to 5 minutes to put again new pieces and also put only 4-5 pieces and trust me guys after 12- 15 people pieces are finished. I asked them to put more for guest they said its finished and denied to gave. I was paying for 25 people and we were only 20. I felt ashamed for giving party there, non of my friend said anything to me but I know deep inside everyone felt the same.

Third fancy dish is Daal Tadka… Above 2 dishes are excess in water, and here no water at all. Its COLD, all are clumped together and in between some stone like particle, Its basically a uncooked particle of pulse… again a new fancy dish which make me felt ashamed in front of my vegetarian friend as well.

Prince told me the Rice will rich of cumin (Cumin Rice) Its worst cheap quality as well. I expect Basmati cumin Rice but here I got maybe Kyrgyz rice, I know people don’t notice this but be in my place who is paying extra buck for just food quality.

Chappati (Roti) is dried and hard as well like they cooked 3-4 hour early and didn’t even kept properly.

When in last I told the all flaw back, All started shouting on me (they were drunk) and from their point, I WAS WRONG... I am still surprised how someone behave like this.

For them every problem get solved just by shouting so hard on me... That was my birthday..  Literally I cried from inside just because of getting the worst time here.. This was my last birthday in Bishkek.. they ruin everything in just one moment.

One of them (in 10th Sem I don’t know his name) is start saying behave good with me because I am senior, I am paying to my senior and not getting for what I am paying still do I respect him? Will you give respect?

Prince ask me to pay a big bunch of money (I paid don’t even ask for a single penny discount) then from inside the restaurant I was ordering taxi, 10th sem guy come and say go outside because other his friends are drunk and angry (In short he is saying we will beat you go outside now… basically threaten the birthday boy).

As now after this incident I came to know this occur with many people. If you read this till here, I am requesting you please don’t do party over their, and PLEASE TOLD THIS STORY WITH YOUR FRIENDS.

Let them feel that they do wrong.

Prince also work for SALAM NAMASTE. Kindly don’t go there as well.

This is my story, as your big brother I am saying and I don’t want you too feel the same…

You all are my brother and sister, for you I do everything as MBBS Help. Please support me I am very delight of you.

Thanks for reading.

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