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As you all know, We are selling Marrow notes PDF in cheap price and try to make it available for everyone so your time will be saved and you can effectively complete your syllabus, but many people don’t like our idea and start leaking our notes instead of promoting us and some people also selling our notes in there own behalf (Because we don’t have control over the PDF files), regarding this we are unable to collect enough money to make profit and run this section.

We try hard to make our sell increase and collect money to run this section till all 19 subjects but people prefer leaking instead for buying for just Rs 119/- or less per note.

Just to let you know, Its only PDF for you but it require effort and money, If we hire someone to write note it require Marrow Plan C/ Video Plan, Pay that person who write (sell commission percentage), and scanning and plus it require time as well.

MBBS Help apologize from you to not provide you more handwritten notes of Marrow 3.o!



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Other Marrow note will not be available in 2019.

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