Physical examination

Pediatric Physical Examination: An Illustrated Handbook, 2e

Description Product description “This handbook serves the needs of undergraduate medical students ,nursing students and is good refresher for Pediatric post graduates.” Reviewed by: Neel Kamal, Date:Aug. 14 This portable, photo-rich guide to physical examination for Nurse Practitioners and other primary care providers will help you develop the unique range of skills required to assess children of all …

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Heart Examination (Inspection, Palpation, Percussion & Auscultation)

  The heart is situated in the thoracic cavity between the lungs in the mediastinum and above the diaphragm. About two thirds of the heart lies within the left side of the ribs cage, with the other side as it crosses the sternum. Most of the anterior cardiac surface is occupied by the right ventricle. …

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