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Human Sectional Anatomy: Pocket Atlas of Body Sections, CT and MRI Images, Third Edition

Description Product description First published in 1991, Human Sectional Anatomy set new standards for the quality of cadaver sections and accompanying radiological images. Now in its third edition, this unsurpassed quality remains and is further enhanced by some useful new material. As with the previous editions, the superb full-colour cadaver sections are compared with CT …

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First Year: Anatomy Physiology Biochemistry Second Year: Pathology Pharmacology Microbiology Forensic Medicine and Toxicology Third Year: Ophthalmology OtoRhinoLaryngology (ENT) Community Medicine (PSM/SPM) Fourth Year: Medicine Surgery Paediatrics Obstetrics Gynaecology Dermatology Anaesthesia Radiology Psychiatry Orthopedics

Harrison’s Principles of Internal Medicine 19/E (Vol.1 & Vol.2)

Description Product description The landmark guide to internal medicine― updated and streamlined for today’s students and clinicians A Doody’s Core Title for 2017! All eChapters in the Nineteenth Edition are accessible online as well as on the DVD packaged within the print volumes,  so you have the flexibility of using the method of access most convenient to you.   …

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Collections of Books! All-in-One Post

ABC Series!3UQzgCRR!zNU6kkng2MNGCUUZJ79Elw   Harrison series!eZRHlBRL!yi9Ot0ibUUVLxgl0zfNCmA   Case files series!DIQFQSJB!qHyd9QbZMELIlr3kj3IA2Q   Current diagnosis & treatment series!KMQBlIzb!nGVR0t9boILny7PmSqP8Bg   Oxford handbook series!CIhXHBqA!azDHH62kxvYyu2Hxro4M9g   Washington manual series!GYAGWZQL!qXpFQAUE0Gg59H4RpiB46g   Made incredibly easy series!uYIBVAab!kotLV4lDo0Rf6RxDcMmcdQ   At a glance series!vAYEkYDL!fQdkV9t8e_EVFgTQFasERw Or Or…ategory:books/   The Secrets Series!nJ5AhBRT!5q_48yKi80nmINsV7PBdXA   MRCP!TIZzyCSB!cF5r_AeWITgviQfb5B7WIg   …

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Oxford Handbook of Clinical Medicine

Description Product description Now in its tenth edition, the Oxford Handbook of Clinical Medicine has been fully revised, with five new authors on the writing team bringing content fresh from the bedside. Space has been breathed into the design, with more core material at your fingertips in quick-reference lists and flow diagrams, and key references have been …

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1200 Questions to Help You Pass the Emergency

Description Product description 1200 Questions to Help You Pass the Emergency Medicine Boards, Second Edition is a unique resource designed to help emergency medicine residents and physicians pass their exam on the first attempt. This review book contains 1200 questions and answers that mimic both the in-service residency exam and the board exam in emergency …

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Audio + Notes for Study

Click Below to open in Google Drive Anatomy Click Here Physiology Click Here Biochemistry Click Here Pathology Click Here Pathology by Devesh Sir Microbiology Click Here Pharmacology Click Here Medicine Click Here ENT Click Here Dermatology Click Here OBS-GYN Click Here Ophthalmology Click Here Orthopedics Click Here Pediatrics Click Here Surgery Click Here Radiology Click …

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Biochemistry Notes Bundle – Complete Set

Click Below to open in Google Drive   Carbohydrate Metabolism part 1 Carbohydrate Metabolism part 2 Bioenergetics & Oxidative Phosphorylation Cytogenetics & Protein Synthesis Enzyme Integration of Metabolism Lipid Metabolism Nutrition Protein Metabolism Structure of Nucleic Acids Molecular Genetics Special Topics   ⇒For Physiology Note Bundle – CLICK HERE ⇒For Radiology Note Bundle – CLICK HERE ⇒For …

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Anatomy Notes Bundle – Complete Set

Click Below to open in Google Drive Abdominal Wall Back & Spinal Cord Bones & Joints of Lower Limb Bones & Joints of Upper Limb Brain Part 1 Brain Part 2 Chest Wall Ear, Nose & Eye General Anatomy & Histology General Embryology Genital Organs Glands of Head & Neck Gut, Hepatobiliary system, Spleen & …

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