Principles of Pharmacology

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Pharmacology is the branch of science that deals with drugs and their study thereof. For any medical student or enthusiast, it becomes relevant to gather accurate and adequate information with respect to composition of chemicals which constitute in a medicine. Study of pharmacology enables one to learn about potentially toxic or nontoxic drugs, effect of drugs and chemicals on the biological makeup of an organism, as well as opens up avenues for possible innovations in the field of medicines. Principles of Pharmacology, therefore, becomes a founding or basic area to begin with, for any medical student or even teachers.

Principles of Pharmacology by the authors H.L. Sharma and K.K. Sharma, deals with various informative aspects like physiological and pathological effect of drugs and discusses the general aspects of pharmacology. It is presented in a manner which can be easily grasped and understood by the students and teachers alike. The authors have included topics like pediatric and geriatric pharmacology along with radio-contrast media pharmacology. There are topics like these which are discussed in an easy-to-understand manner and therefore, will help in keeping the students interested. It also includes illustrations and examples which make the concepts easier to understand and remember. Usually with medical jargons, it becomes difficult to remember everything and the authors have therefore kept in mind to keep the text of the book interesting.

A need for balance is always require, between the concepts and their disposition so that the information does not become too bulky to grasp. in an area like Pharmacology, which is in itself vast and expansive, this book successfully encompasses all the elements to ensure that the topics are elucidated in an orderly and simple manner. With pharmacology explained as a clear concept, at the basic and starting level, it can lead to new discoveries and innovations in the field of medicine, by pushing the students to know and learn more. Principles of Pharmacology provides a comprehensive text to the medical students. It is available in hardcover and was published by Paras Publications in 2012.

Key Features:

  • This book is comprehensive and lucid for an easy understanding.
  • It is beneficial for both the teachers and biomedical students.


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