Pharmacological Classification of Drugs with Doses and Preparations

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A systematized listing of drugs according to their primary actions, mechanisms, chemical nature, clinical uses and/or other relevant characteristics is the first step to learn about them. The mental exercise to prescribe a drug for a patient starts with identifying the class of drugs to be prescribed and then selecting the specific member most appropriate for that patient according to its subclass/group/individual characteristic. For example, the first thing one decides is whether an analgesic or an antihypertensive or an antibiotic is to be prescribed; then proceeds to consider which type of analgesic (opioid/nonopioid), or antihypertensive (ß blocker/ACE inhibitor, etc.), or antibiotic (ß-lactam/fluoroquinolone, etc.) is required and then which specific member is most suitable. On the other hand, every drug is known by its class and subclass. Continue Reading

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