Gray’s Anatomy Review

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Product description

This easy-to-use resource helps you relate anatomy to clinical practice and pass your exams. More than 500 high yield questions, in strict USMLE format, challenge your grasp of anatomical knowledge and the anatomical basis of disease. Abundantly illustrated with clinical photographs and radiologic images and with references to further reading in that text, Gray’s Anatomy Review is your indispensable resource for both in course examinations and the USMLE Step 1.

  • Presents over 500 high-quality, USMLE-style questions to mirror the actual exam.
  • Fully explains answers with rationales to serve as additional review.
  • Includes photographs and radiologic images.
  • References Gray’s Anatomy for Students to help you find more detailed information from one of the best sources available.
  • Keys answers and explanations to Gray’s Anatomy for Students and Gray’s Atlas of Anatomy


“The second edition of Gray’s Anatomy Review is the most comprehensive question-and-answer review book on the market today and has greatly improved from the first edition that was published in 2010.”

-Anthony V. D’Antoni, Clinical Professor and Director of Anatomy, The Sophie Davis School of Biomedical Education

“…allows students to focus time on learning the material rather than sifting through textbooks and other resources… [The] second edition of Gray’s Anatomy Review is even a more valuable resource than the first edition for all students who have to learn the anatomical basis of clinical practice.”

-Peter G. Collin, BS/MD student, The Sophie Davis School of Biomedical Education

About the Author

Chair and Professor in the Department of Anatomical Sciences at St. George’s University who has written extensively in the field of anatomy and on the peripheral nerves.


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