Explain: Reason for Empty Space In Medicine Packaging?

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When you see the strip of medicine (tablets), you notice of empty slots. Irrespective of the exact shape of the tablet, it can be round, rectangle, oval; every strip is packaged in this typical design-geometry.  Ever wondered why?

There are many interesting consumer antidotes for this style of packaging:

  • It provides an increased shelf life to medicines
  • Pharmaceutical industry compliance
  • Marketing standard
  • Standard measure for unit dose
  • Avoid tampering
  • Plain buyer psychology – high cost means more effective tablets

There are some scientific answers too:

  • Empty space is created to reduce inertness between tablets. In other words, reduce any chemical reaction between the tablets.
  • The gap is to strengthen PVC. Tables are packed in PVC sheets. PVC has chemical properties to strengthen compression (fitting) of medicines and keep the packaging straight
  • Empty space are used to  fill in important information including, date of packaging and expiry date

That’s it. That’s the explanation of it!