The Definitive Review of Medicine for USMLE

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Preparation for USMLE is more of an art form than just labor. It is more about following a certain path, rather than running all over the field. This axiom gains more credibility especially when you are studying Medicine for USMLE. I do not know how possible it is to master the field of medicine, but I am sure it is not at all easy. But thankfully, Medicine in USMLE is not about its vastness or obscure details but more about basics and their application. As someone who has ‘danced the dance’ of USMLE, I realized during my times of preparation that there is no single work in review of medicine that suffices the need of actual exam. One has to refer to so many things and go through a lot of hassles to make oneself ready for it. So my endeavor of writing this book is to gather all the information in medicine, required to champion the USMLE, in one book. From my personal USMLE experience and as an author, I would suggest you to make your fundamentals clear and be adept at their application. Diagnosing a disease is the most important part in answering any question right in medicine. Within the text, you will find ‘Diagnosis clinchers’-the features of diseases that will help you to nail down the diagnosis, just by their presence in questions.If you are eyeing the coveted score of 99, then you need to master the ’99er’s mentioned between the text. These are those special points and concepts that help a student score high and mastering them, shall take you closer to your dream of 99.

Author: Vineet Punia


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